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There is almost no better feeling than setting a goal & meeting it. At YMCA Nelson we love to celebrate our students successes as they achieve the goals they have set for themselves during their time with us.


Our students come from varied backgrounds but all start a YMCA course with one shared goal to get ahead. Gaining self confidence, Developing new skills to finding a new job.


More Success Stories

Andrew's Story


My name is Andrew. I started at the YMCA this year. My time at the Y has been great. I've gained new life skills and a lot of knowledge in different subjects and areas. When I first started the business course in January I didn't really know a lot about it and had no NCEA credits at all, But now i've got 60 or so credits at Level 1 & 2 which will really help in the future. I've met a bunch of awesome people in the past 6 months and it was good to be in a good classroom environment where everyone got on. There have been a few challenges along the way and I got through them and have come out the other end stronger, with more people skills, and skills which will just help in life!


Thank you to Mel, Bryan, Chris & Jay for helping me with Study Link and helping me with this course. I'm really glad I've done it and would highly recommend it to anyone else looking to get off the couch and do something!    (Andrew F.)

Amy's Time at the Y


I started at the YMCA when I was 15 and started on my level 1. I wasn't too interested at first as I had just been kicked out of school and was wanting to do my own thing. I was at the YMCA for a few months then moved to Christchurch, I got myself into a lot of trouble and then got pregnant with my first child.


I moved back to Nelson to be closer to my family. I gave birth to my son in October 2008 and started back at the YMCA a few months later to try get back on track. I was then still only 17 and I lost all interest again. I went on to have my second child in 2012, I soon got sick of being at home with 2 children so started back at the YMCA again in 2013 to complete my NCEA.  I stuck with it this time as I really wanted to better my education for my children. I completed my NCEA in 2013 and completed my National Certificate in Business Management and Computing in 2014.


I am proud of myself for how far I have come for my children and myself and I am very thankful to the staff and students at the YMCA for helping me and continually supporting me through it all.   (Amy S.)

Nikita's Journey


My name is Nikita, I am a 22 year old solo mother to a gorgeous 3 year old daughter. I have been enrolled at the YMCA Nelson three times. First time I enrolled was in 2007 into the Pathways class to regain motivation to finish my NCEA Levels 1 & 2 after leaving Nayland College. In 2011 I became a mother. I put a couple of hard years into motherhood, before I enrolled a second time in 2013. I was placed into the Directions class in which I achieved my National Certificate in Employment Skills. Whilst being a part of the Directions class, I came across another course I wanted to achieve; this was the Business/Administration/Computing course. So in 2014 I enrolled again into the Directions class to achieve my National Certificate in Business/Administration. I am currently still here and only one unit away from graduating on July 4th 2014.


I love being a part of this course as it is a very easy going learning centre that has the right boundaries in place. The atmosphere is always rather cheerful and I find everyone is very easy to approach. We have a great amount of support within this centre and it has encouraged me to improve in every way possible. My time here has improved a lot of things, from putting a good routine that works well for my daughter and I in place, to learning things about myself I never imagined. This course has kept me very motivated and just makes me want to improve myself more. It has also taught me to have patience, as I had no patience previously.


I am stil undecided on what direction I want to take next, but I do know I am confident enough to join the workforce again and achieve at my very best. I would like to seek employment that will one day lead to a fabulous career whilst also doing a bit of modelling on the side.  A big 'Thank you' to the YMCA for everything you have done for me, especially to Mel & Bryan for believing in me and just for being you!    (Nikita M.)

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